Slay The JavaScript Interview

The main reason smart, qualified applicants don’t get hired is their lack of interviewing skills.

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I am delighted to announce the first JsTips book: Slay The JavaScript Interview: 100 answers that every developer needs to know.

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Interviewing for a tech job can be intimidating. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had five years of experience or you’ve just finished a tech course and are looking for your first job. Either way, you’ve got to be ready for anything they ask.

To prepare for your interview, I gathered answers to the 100 most common and tricky interview questions so you can do a terrific interview. You need to be prepared for a job interview, this book will tell you how.

The purpose of this book is to share lessons and learnings I have collected from +30 interviews with TOP tech companies and through writing to +5 million readers on

I promise you will want to pick this book up again and again in order to refresh the concepts before each job interview and hopefully, to solidify your knowledge once you land in your new job.

Limited-time launch price offer.

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